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Kidding Season was very busy around Honeysucke Haven! I'm counting wins, not losses. We have two sets of live, hearty kids on the ground. They are about 1/2 week and 1 1/2 weeks old. The oldest ones are the tiniest, are girls, and are Nigoras, with a registered Nigerian Dwarf father and a (beautiful, tiny, sweet) grade Pygora mother. They are both girls and very different. One is white & black and the other is cream with a little black dot & shadow on her back. They are amazingly cute!!! The other two are about 1/2 larger, though a week younger, and are Mini Nubians. They have the same registered ND father and a beautiful grade Nubian mother. I'm sure the mother is pure, but I saved her from a large meat goat farm and fixed her up, so I know nothing of her parentage. Her twins are both male. One is black/white with horizontally-held ears. The other is cream-colored & seems to have a little wave to his coat and has pendulous ears. So cute, too! It sure is something trying to get those babies started nursing! I've had to grow a second set of arms over the years! Kind of funny-looking but effective! I'm very thankful for those who have seen some of my various blogs and comments and have responded by phone or email! Tonight is prayer meeting, & I intend to count you among my blessings. Projects: I haven't been spinning lately, though I have plenty of yarn to sell. I have been working on a Sampler Scarf made of various lace-weight yarns with #3 needles. I'm using 2 rabbits, various types of goat, llama, dog, whatever I can get off my farm; plus I may throw in a little buffalo from my friend's exotic animal farm. Time to get back to the menagerie!
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