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Hi, Everyone!  It has been an awesome year thus far!!!  I married Brad in February, went to Clown Convention 2 weeks later and have been serving and working alongside him since then.  We are very in-love newlyweds and may it always be so! 


We have made some changes to the farm also.  Previous to our marriage, I had culled the herd down to my favorite Pygora goats, along with the llama, dogs, and English Angora rabbit.  Since our marriage, we have put a deposit on a brown PBA registered Pygora doeling to go with our CAGBA registered Colored Angora Buck.  We are very excited to be upscaling our herd!  Our grade herd is a high-quality, though, just no registration.  This year's small kidding season lended itself twins, one of which died, to one doe.  The surviving bucklin is a lovely tan agouti with blue eyes and an awesome, sweet disposition.  He has Type B fiber, which is cashmere-type undercoat with guard hairs.  It sheds and needs no shearing.  He is fuzzy and lovely.  Our other breeding doe produced our keeper for the year, a jet-black buckling, lovely disposition also, with blue eyes and a verrrrry soft, Type A fiber.  We will be offering the tan buckling, Bluegrass, for sale.


Back to the homefront!  My daughter is due to give birth to my first biological grandchild on September 22!  I am SOOOOOO excited!  Better than goat babies!!!!



Welcome to my first blog!  I'm happy to have you in for a visit.  I'd love for you to settle in with a cup of tea and to enjoy yourself, but I'm afraid I'm already tired and can't visit for long.  Since I can't ask you questions yet, I'll tell you a little about myself and my farmlet.  I masquerade as a business woman by day.  Evenings and weekends, though, my true self is revealed as an outdoors, fun-loving animal mommy and crafts-lover who can only sit still if she's sleeping or next to it.  I love the smell of fresh air and even not-so-fresh air if animals are around!  I adore my goats!  They are fun, cute, loving, curious, dog-like in their devotion and following me around.  When goats are near, I am never bored nor lonely!  I love my llama, too!  She stays just out of reach but has the most beautiful eyes and is such a good mother to our herd of goats.  She is their protector but has especially nice fiber, herself, as she is 25% guanaco.  My rabbits don't get as much loving as I'd like, but I do really like them, too.  They're very sweet and obliging.  I only pluck (gently) and never clip my rabbits.  By the way, I never use electric clippers on my animals.  I always use my handclippers so that they have a little protection from the elements left on them.  I put the animals first.  G'nite for now.  I'll blog more later.


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