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Gentlemen, We Have Success!!!

Successful baby shower for my daughter and her fiancee on Saturday!  Successful "Family Union" afterwards in which Brad's and my kids finally met for the first time,  Successful first 6 months of marriage to my sweetie!  Praise God for answering my prayers and for the wonderful love shown to my family by the elder ladies' Sunday School class!

We have many upcoming events as usual.  We have the purchase and delivery of our starter herd of registered Pygora goats in mid-August.  They are our ideal colors, all in the brown range or brown genetics.  I'm especially excited about the red doeling!  Gorgeous color and fiber!  Before that, we must hurry to fix the small buck pen fence and fix our black buckling, Johnson Grass.  He is so beautiful, but he hasn't sold yet.  He is not registered, but has lovely fiber!  We let our future daughter-in-law keep the other unregistered buckling, Bluegrass, as long as she would fix him, which she did.  Turns out, he may end up having the best fiber.  Brad sure loves it!  It is a kind of butterscotch with ALOT of crimp and softness!  CAN'T WAIT to get the new goats!

We're waiting on the new baby to come as our next activity!  We doubt Momma will make it to due date because she threw up alot last week & the baby dropped 4-5 inches!  She is huge and low and due Sept 22.   I already have the mini baby bed up and waiting.

On October 22, we are having our first Farm Tour.  It is to a very successful group of home schoolers from Jefferson County, Missouri, who are coming.  We're a little overwhelmed that they are honoring us with their interest.  What a blessing to be able to show our farm and processes for yarn-making to others.  I just hope we can live up to their expectations.  We're new at this and not full-time.  This is another of mannnnnny matters for prayer. 

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