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Hi, Everyone!  It has been an awesome year thus far!!!  I married Brad in February, went to Clown Convention 2 weeks later and have been serving and working alongside him since then.  We are very in-love newlyweds and may it always be so! 


We have made some changes to the farm also.  Previous to our marriage, I had culled the herd down to my favorite Pygora goats, along with the llama, dogs, and English Angora rabbit.  Since our marriage, we have put a deposit on a brown PBA registered Pygora doeling to go with our CAGBA registered Colored Angora Buck.  We are very excited to be upscaling our herd!  Our grade herd is a high-quality, though, just no registration.  This year's small kidding season lended itself twins, one of which died, to one doe.  The surviving bucklin is a lovely tan agouti with blue eyes and an awesome, sweet disposition.  He has Type B fiber, which is cashmere-type undercoat with guard hairs.  It sheds and needs no shearing.  He is fuzzy and lovely.  Our other breeding doe produced our keeper for the year, a jet-black buckling, lovely disposition also, with blue eyes and a verrrrry soft, Type A fiber.  We will be offering the tan buckling, Bluegrass, for sale.


Back to the homefront!  My daughter is due to give birth to my first biological grandchild on September 22!  I am SOOOOOO excited!  Better than goat babies!!!!



Kidding Season was very busy around Honeysucke Haven! I'm counting wins, not losses. We have two sets of live, hearty kids on the ground. They are about 1/2 week and 1 1/2 weeks old. The oldest ones are the tiniest, are girls, and are Nigoras, with a registered Nigerian Dwarf father and a (beautiful, tiny, sweet) grade Pygora mother. They are both girls and very different. One is white & black and the other is cream with a little black dot & shadow on her back. They are amazingly cute!!! The other two are about 1/2 larger, though a week younger, and are Mini Nubians. They have the same registered ND father and a beautiful grade Nubian mother. I'm sure the mother is pure, but I saved her from a large meat goat farm and fixed her up, so I know nothing of her parentage. Her twins are both male. One is black/white with horizontally-held ears. The other is cream-colored & seems to have a little wave to his coat and has pendulous ears. So cute, too! It sure is something trying to get those babies started nursing! I've had to grow a second set of arms over the years! Kind of funny-looking but effective! I'm very thankful for those who have seen some of my various blogs and comments and have responded by phone or email! Tonight is prayer meeting, & I intend to count you among my blessings. Projects: I haven't been spinning lately, though I have plenty of yarn to sell. I have been working on a Sampler Scarf made of various lace-weight yarns with #3 needles. I'm using 2 rabbits, various types of goat, llama, dog, whatever I can get off my farm; plus I may throw in a little buffalo from my friend's exotic animal farm. Time to get back to the menagerie!


Welcome to my first blog!  I'm happy to have you in for a visit.  I'd love for you to settle in with a cup of tea and to enjoy yourself, but I'm afraid I'm already tired and can't visit for long.  Since I can't ask you questions yet, I'll tell you a little about myself and my farmlet.  I masquerade as a business woman by day.  Evenings and weekends, though, my true self is revealed as an outdoors, fun-loving animal mommy and crafts-lover who can only sit still if she's sleeping or next to it.  I love the smell of fresh air and even not-so-fresh air if animals are around!  I adore my goats!  They are fun, cute, loving, curious, dog-like in their devotion and following me around.  When goats are near, I am never bored nor lonely!  I love my llama, too!  She stays just out of reach but has the most beautiful eyes and is such a good mother to our herd of goats.  She is their protector but has especially nice fiber, herself, as she is 25% guanaco.  My rabbits don't get as much loving as I'd like, but I do really like them, too.  They're very sweet and obliging.  I only pluck (gently) and never clip my rabbits.  By the way, I never use electric clippers on my animals.  I always use my handclippers so that they have a little protection from the elements left on them.  I put the animals first.  G'nite for now.  I'll blog more later.


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