Bountiful Harvest Co-Op/Buying Club

  (Apple Valley, California)
Organic Produce/Protien Baskets, raw dairy, grassfed meats and then some!

Happenings at BHCOBC

Here is some of our faithful members who are committed in supporting our group!  We transformed our garage into a gathering place for us to meet and pick up our produce baskets and other goodies we order as a group-it is really a wonderful site seeing the volunteers helping us out and the transformation that takes place!  With all the ordering I do as a coordinator and planner, the volunteers now understand what it all takes to put this Co-Op together!  

Here is a picture of some of them working hard when we where working on the garage to make it into a room to meet!

A lot of work, but so worth it!


BHCOBC founder/coordintator

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