Collins Powder Hill Farm

  (Enfield, Connecticut)
Our amazing community!

Opening soon!

We are looking forward to opening for business on April 1st for pick up orders.  Of course we are taking orders for delivery earlier than that.  With this warm weather this winter our customers are in the gardening mood already, and the phone calls are already coming in!  We look forward to seeing you all in April! 

Have you been dreaming of a garden too?

We are all gearing up for spring and waiting for it to appear.  It has been a hard winter it has been for farmers in the Northeast, and all over the country.  We are ready for warm weather!  We will be opening our renovated compost barn to our customers on April 1st.  The compost barn has 2 new sides, as well as new doors, and  a new coat of red paint!  We are hoping to enhance the front of the barn with a concrete pad where our compost is loaded.  We are looking forward to seeing all you gardeners who are as passionate about compost as us!    


Spring is just around the corner!  Tony has opened the Creamery and the weather is warming up.  Jack has compost ready and waiting in the barn for the anxious gardeners.  Our compost barn is scheduled for a rehab in a few weeks, with a new wooden face and doors that were burned by the September fire.  We can thank all our good friends in the community for making a barn renovation possible through the farm fund raiser they put together in October.  We are excited for the spring season, and looking forward to seeing all our loyal customers again.   We open April 1st!       

Our Amazing Community!

On September 5th, 2008 two of our barns were destroyed in a fire.  We were very fortunate not to have lost our compost barn, or the farm house thanks to the firefighters that answered the call that day.  It was a big loss for our family history because it was the oldest barn on the farm built in the 19th century.  We hope to one day build a new barn that will carry our farm into the 21st century.  This dream is becoming closer to reality because of our amazing community.  On October 25th, 250+ members of our community; friends, family, and perfect strangers, came together to bring their support for our farm.  We were overwhelmed by people's generosity and love that we felt that night.  It was a moment for us that defined Community Supported Agriculture.  We thank everyone that put this heart warming benefit together, and for all of you who have supported our farm that night and throughout our farming here in Enfield, Connecticut.         
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