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We are getting started with new products

2011 !! Who would of thought!!  We want everyone good luck in the up-coming season.

Our meat business, NYNATURAL CHEVON LLC  is off to a good start with some new and nutritious products. We are hoping for a good response from people trying them. It's lots of work, but it keeps us busy and, hopfully, out of trouble.



As we start a new year-----

In this business it is always refreshing to begin another year !

We are in the middle of our breeding session and trying to get through the winter months, looking forward to breaking weather which is taking a long time coming.

Planning for the new crops to take to the farmer's market and hoping for a good kid crop -- we need to sell plenty of kids to keep the rest of the herd going.

It is exiting to plan ahead and it seems more so as I grow older, it is like a new beginning and I am excited for the future. Yes, it is work ahead, but good work, and my grandson is with us to pull his share.

I hope that everyone has a good, prosperus year!!!!


NY Natural Chevon

Hello to all. Thanksgiving is coming near and we all should be thankful for the great bounty that we have enjoyed.

We have started a new company, and we sell chevon made into summer sausage. It has been well recieved by many people that we have sampled to. The wineries are starting to handle our product.

Happy Thanksgiving to all !

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