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Today's projects


Here is an idea of a typical day for us when we are not driving to Tacoma/Seattle.  Today is kind of special because Jerry’s dad is coming to help/hang out.  He is 86 years old and comes from Puyallup once or twice a week.  We will wait on breakfast until he gets here. After chores, we do special projects.  Today I (Janelle) will be starting a few perennials (maybe tomatoes, basil, and something else) in a greenhouse evacuated by the laying hens.  After that I will get busy on double checking our payroll software (we now have a part time employee!) and revising our business plan.  Jerry will finish the sideboards for the truck (needed to be able to bring enough meat to both Ballard and West Seattle markets which we start this Sunday).  Take water over to cattle.  Make a new box for the utility truck for transporting poultry around.  Hopefully have time to finish cleaning up from the hens’ move. 


We are so excited to have Eric working for us half time.  The three of us are really getting into a grove.  The chickens love him and so do we.  Lisa worked for us last week processing chickens.  She has agreed to come back as long as her family and own farm allow her the time.  We really feel that we their help we can make this business a success.  It is so awesome to be working with people who understand animals and can deal with everything that comes with farming of animals.  This kind of work is not for everyone.  Often we get people interested in working on the farm, but when they realize that they will deal with life and death every day, they change their mind.  Both Eric and Lisa have a lot of experience with their own animals, so they understand the balance there is between caring for and loving your animals and then processing them into healthy food for all of us (our customers and our families).  Perhaps I'll write more on this another time.  it is something I gets lots of questions about from some of our customers.  Anyway, we are thankful for Eric and Lisa, and it looks like we may be getting a WOOFER in a week or two, so there will be lots of hands to help.  THANK GOODNESS!

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