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Christmas Critters

Well, it's 4 days 'til Christmas the Red Wattle hogs are all nestled snug in their hay and the Scottish Highland Cattle are wishing the horses would all go away and 200 hundred chickens are ready to lay...

Ok so it's not the 12 days of Christmas but it is our farm. This year we decided we would add to our menagerie of endangered livestock breeds. So we purchased 7 Highland heifers and 2 more Red Wattles instead of presents that wouldn't eat the wrapping paper and the tree. :)

The Highlands have joined our rainbow herd: 2 White Parks, 1 Belted Galloway, 1 Charlais/Simmental cross, and 5 Dexters. Brian loves these shaggy cows with their graceful horns and friendly curious personalities. They may just be nosier than our Dexters! But not wider. The Dexters are due to calf any time now. . . maybe we'll have calves on Christmas morning.

The 2 RW's we brought home from Bud Nichol's farm in Missouri.( Read more about that adventure on our farm blog at: )Grass Dancer is the queen of the hog house now. She tolerates us and will come up to the fence for a biscuit. Sampson has become the darling of the farm with his gentle nature, big old ears, rubbery lips and his huge size. He will lumber out to visit with anyone who comes close to their field. He loves having his back scratched. He'll even sit for a biscuit if he's in the mood!

Yes the hogs love treats. They will sniff at them. Then ever so delicately take the dog biscuit in their rubbery lips before chomping it up. Even my 7 year old nephew likes to give them treats even if they are taller than he is.

So on Christmas morning while other folks are unwrapping their present under the tree, we'll be out feeding our Christmas presents their Christmas treats.

Merry Christmas to all to and to all a good night!



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