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Rites of Fall

The changing season brings with it some new chores around our place. The last batch of broiler chicks has gone to the pasture, we're putting up the hoop house for winter quarters to house the laying hens in warmth and comfort for the cold months and the new high tunnel and heated greenhouse will go up soon. It's time to cut wood and button up the barn and sheep shed. Time to think about going over the chicken tractors and making repairs. But the best things about fall here on Kiss My Grass Farm are persimmons are falling and green leafy vegetables are growing like crazy! Brian's been picking up and pulping buckets of yummy persimmons every day. He's taken to rewarding himself for all his hard work by baking a persimmon pudding from each batch. Hmmmmm is he gaining weight? Don't worry we have plenty of pulp packaged up in pint bags, frozen and ready to go. In the garden, we've been blessed this fall. We have 5 kinds of lettuce, 4 kinds of mustard, mesclun, beet greens, kale, spinach and chard ready for picking. Soon we should have baby beets and baby carrots too. So consider yourself invited: Come on out to the farm, enjoy all the fall colors and go home with fresh greens, persimmon pulp and some fresh eggs from our pastured hens. Take care, Dot
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