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Develop a warm relationship with Alpaca!
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Waiting on Baby...

The countdown begins for Cappy.  She is due with baby #3 in 4 days.  Cappy is a perky white sweetheart of a girl that we've had the pleasure of owning for about 3 years.

Alpacas are pregnant for nearly a full year.  The cria come without assistance 95% of the time, so we worry a bit when we leave the farm, but not for long.  It's best to be nearby if any problems ensue.

So far we've been lucky with 2 beautiful girls, Sapphira and Marritta.  Cappy's personality shines through in her offspring.



Playing with Kailash's fiber!

Aaahhh, the incredible softness of alpaca fiber!  Some is softer than others, but it's the baby alpaca that is so, so appealing to the senses. Touching, smelling and wearing the little black fiber fluffs attached to your clothing for days.

 I made a great discovery after several attempts to wash fiber in the front loader.  It works best (no twisted matted unusable fiber) on the hand wash setting!  Warm water and the rinse and spin cycle!  Wella! Simply place an armful of skirted, picked fiber into mesh laundry bags, throw them in and after 18 minutes, clean fresh smelling non-matted fiber!  It was definitely an improvement over my early attempts to throw the whole blanket in the bathtub.  I won't ever go there again!

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