K&M Farm

  (North Andover, Massachusetts)

Starting Back

To All Our Loyal Friends And Customers.

The last couple of years have been trying times for the farm , with a new direction that we headed, with a new artisian bread line that has been very good to us.The love still is with the everyday farming that we love so very much.Starting this april we will again be opening the farm side back up. Heritage chickens, Heritage turkeys, Farm Fresh Eggs,and all of our products that we have always had. We look forward to seeing all of our wonderful customers and the smiles and laughs we have on sunday mornings as the Hens run out to meet the peole coming by.

May God Bless You


K&M Farm




Merry Christmas .

I would like to wish all of my customers a very happy and safe holiday. Thank you for all of your support over the last year and hope all of you have a safe and happy New year.

As some of my customers know that there was a problem at thanksgiving time with some ups shippments we are still working on this matter with them we have not forgotten about this it just takes a little time to resolve.So again I am truly sorry about that .



Anybody around that raises heritage turkeys as i do.Please lets talk.
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