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bumps in the road

We have all inspections and are certified!!  It may have taken a long time but we are finally certified.  We have been baking pies weekly since we recieved the certification.   We are hard to get a hold of with the season the way it has been and the as my husband says," cancer journey," we are going threw.  We are in the end stages of it with one parent and the begining of it with the other.  This keeps us hopping and not always able to check the farm as often as we want to and not allowing us to reply quickly during the day.  We are sewing, making soap, jelly, and recycled bags.  These are just a few of the things you will be seeing in the store.  We are now selling our jams and jelly in several stores and love making them to sell.   We like it even better when we are asked for more because they are sold out.

Spring time we will be adding taps to our syrup sugar shack.  We only tapped 120 taps last year and hope to increase by 180 giving us the 300 we wanted to last year.  With all the construction we were doing last year we did not want to over do it and this year we will be ready so watch for the calender to when we are tapping so you can come help and watch the process.  

See you soon,

Eric and Dana Lee,  Edge of the Woods Farm


Certified Kitchen

We are finally waiting on the final approval and are getting ready for the canning classes.  Contact me and we will set up a class.   We are starting with jam and jelly, then tomatoes and relish.   If it is something you would like to do feel free to contact us and we will advise if we can set a class for that.

New things around the farm

We have been growing for 15 years now and my kids have always known when spring is close by the addition of seeds being placed in the back room of the house and the glow in the house at night with the grow light being turned on.  Well this year it has ended!! with the addition of a really nice BIG greenhouse.   This will allow us to grow and sell the heirloom plants we have been growing for years.   We also have added a certified kitchen that will allow us to make and sell value added products to our sales this year.   We will be making jelly and jams as soon as the fruit starts to come into season.  The last thing added to our farm is a "STORE" to add to the road side stand.  We are very excited and hope to you can visit and see the progress we have made around the farm.

garden to bed

Wanted to let everyone know we will be having some changes happening to the farm this year.  We have put the garden to rest for the year with the manure on chopped and ready to plant next year.   We are; going to get the hot boxes in with the wonderful weather to get some radishes and letuce for Thanksgining dinner.   I have the fresh manure to put in the corners to heat the box and get it to grow if the snow cover stays away.  If you are interested in some look us up for a special treat. 

Plants are started

Planting in the spring has always been a wonderful time of the year for me.   Enjoying nature and watching how she can take something so tiny and simple and turn it into a wonderful plant that can give you a wonderful tasteful piece of fruit and/or vegetable can bring a smile to anyones face that enjoys nature.  

The green house is full and some is in the ground already under the plastic and cloth and I am hoping to get more in the ground soon.

Chickens are laying around 65 or 5 1/2 dozen eggs a day.  Rhubarb is growing and everything in the ground looks good. 

I am filling up on the CSA's so if you want a share get your name in fast so you can have a spot. 

Happy Spring!!

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