Twin Creeks Farms- Wesley Stephens and Bethany Stephens

  (Council, North Carolina)
Providing layers, natural beef, pork, & fresh chicken
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What's new at Twin Creeks Farms

We are improving a variety of aspects of our operation this fall. Thanks to our customers we are growing and we are switching to a rotational grazing system. We are presently installing new fences which will allow us to frequently move our cattle on pasture. This will improve the quality of the forage that the cattle consume and make the best use of our land in a sustainable way. We use a variety of forages throughout the year and supplement the cows' diet with heirloom, non-GMO corn silage in the winter months. We are currently finishing grazing the last of our summer legumes and grasses and will be planting cereal rye and turnips for the cattle to graze in the cooler months. As is our practice, these forage crops will not be sprayed with fungicides or insecticides so you can have confidence that the product we sell is wholesome. We are also working on a new, much larger hog pasture that will allow us to raise pork for sale in the coming months. We have a limited number of hogs at this point, but more will be born soon and we will keep you posted on when pork is available in 2010. We will also be getting a new batch of baby chicks soon and they will probably be ready to sell in early November.

We are now registered meat handlers with the NC Dept. of Agriculture

We are now registered with the NC Dept. of Agriculture as Meat Handlers. This is an important step for us, because it means that we can now sell inspected beef by the individual cut. We will have a price list soon and we will have meat ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas. All beef will be inspected and vacuum packed to preserve quality. We will still offer quarters, halves, and whole cows to those interested. We also have rabbits on hand which we will slaughter ourselves when ordered.
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