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We wanted rain, but it looks like we're going to get more than we bargained for.

We were hoping for a little rain to make our winter wheat get off to a good start, but it's looking like the remnants of Ida are going to give us a good soaking. I won't complain, though. Two years ago the soil was like walking through flour when we planted our winter pastures. We have made better use of our WWII designed chick brooder for our current flock and have been very impressed. Instead of 1000 watts of electricity, we are able to brood the same number of chicks with 375 watts and they are thriving. For those of you who raise baby chicks, here is a link to the free plans.  It is an inexpensive and very effective design. I built it for half of the cost of a 4 lamp brooder and it uses less than half of the energy. Another new development is the "resurrection" of our hammermill, which has not been used since the early 1960's. Getting the 40' flat belt that turns it lined up and tracking properly has been an interesting learning experience. We have it operational and have purchased a 5 cubic foot mixer, so we are now able to grind and blend our own feeds for the hogs and chickens. This will give us more control over our animals' diets and will provide a significant cost savings.
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