Twin Creeks Farms- Wesley Stephens and Bethany Stephens

  (Council, North Carolina)
Providing layers, natural beef, pork, & fresh chicken
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Sausage is ready and there is more than we thought

The hogs we had processed were much heavier than conventional wisdom would dictate, so we are thankful that we wound up with more sausage than we had hoped for. Our county is large geographically- over 800 square miles- but has a small population- about 32,000. A local online news outlet ( does an excellent job of covering the local area, and has been very successful. As a matter of fact, Bethany writes an article for them once a month. Their number of daily hits is over twice the population of the county.  We are starting to advertise on that site so that we can hopefully sell more of our products close to home. There are several cities within 50-100 miles and many of our customers come from those areas, but we would like to add to that customer base with local folks. People in rural areas like ours have a great appreciation for quality meat and poultry, but it can be hard to come across in this area unless your family or friends produce it. 
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