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Broiler Chicks Arrive Friday

We will be getting 125 broiler chicks in this Friday. A lot of folks are hesitant to start chicks this time of year, but we have had good success with them in cold weather, though it does require close attention to brooding temperature. We will brood the chicks inside on pine shavings until they are cold-tolerant and then we will put them on pasture in portable pens. We will have them processed when they reach 6-7 pounds live weight and they will be inspected and vacuum packed at a USDA approved facility. We are debating whether we will have them cut up or packaged as whole chickens, so we will probably have some done both ways. 

Christmas is coming, and so is the sausage

This fall continues to be our busiest ever. Our winter pastures are turning green and looking very nice and we are taking the first 3 beeves of the fall to be processed tomorrow. Traditional country sausage is very popular in our area, especially around the holidays, and it is hard to find good quality home-style sausage. We will be taking some hogs to be made into sausage the week after Thanksgiving, and we are hoping for a good response from it. We are also getting some broiler chicks in the next few weeks and we will be selling them in early 2010. We have slaughtered small numbers of chickens on the farm in the past, but we are excited to be able to offer inspected and vacuum packed chicken either as whole birds or parts.
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