Twin Creeks Farms- Wesley Stephens and Bethany Stephens

  (Council, North Carolina)
Providing layers, natural beef, pork, & fresh chicken
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We are finally making our own feed.

After struggling to find feed that is free of animal by products locally, we have started to make our own. We have a hammer mill that was purchased by my great-grandfather in the early 50's but was idle for close to 50 years. We were able to get it in tip-top shape with only a little cleaning and oiling. We can now formulate our own custom rations at a significantly lower cost. This development also allows us to support our local economy more. We grow some of our own corn but we currently don't have enough production and storage capacity to meet all of our needs, so we have to buy a large portion of our corn. We can now purchase it from fellow farmers in our community instead of having to use corn that is hauled long distances and the money stays in our local economy. If any of our customers are interested in buying feed from us or having a custom formulation made, we will be glad to supply it. 

Christmas is coming, and so is the sausage

This fall continues to be our busiest ever. Our winter pastures are turning green and looking very nice and we are taking the first 3 beeves of the fall to be processed tomorrow. Traditional country sausage is very popular in our area, especially around the holidays, and it is hard to find good quality home-style sausage. We will be taking some hogs to be made into sausage the week after Thanksgiving, and we are hoping for a good response from it. We are also getting some broiler chicks in the next few weeks and we will be selling them in early 2010. We have slaughtered small numbers of chickens on the farm in the past, but we are excited to be able to offer inspected and vacuum packed chicken either as whole birds or parts.
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