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Broiler Chicks Arrive Friday

We will be getting 125 broiler chicks in this Friday. A lot of folks are hesitant to start chicks this time of year, but we have had good success with them in cold weather, though it does require close attention to brooding temperature. We will brood the chicks inside on pine shavings until they are cold-tolerant and then we will put them on pasture in portable pens. We will have them processed when they reach 6-7 pounds live weight and they will be inspected and vacuum packed at a USDA approved facility. We are debating whether we will have them cut up or packaged as whole chickens, so we will probably have some done both ways. 

Chickens for Insect Control

Here in southeastern NC, flies on cattle can be a problem in the hot, humid summer. We were reluctant to use pesticides on our cattle, so we found an effective alternative. We free-range roosters with our cattle and they do an excellent job of keeping flies under control. In the late fall, we sell the roosters for meat and we have had excellent feedback on the quality and taste of the meat. The only drawback we have seen is loss due to predators, but our mule Fred does a pretty good job of keeping predators chased out of the pasture. We have about 30 roosters now that will be large enough to safely free-range in a few weeks when it starts warming up, and we will probably add more as we go.
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