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Cherry tomatoes coming at you...

Wow, what a rain event we had this week! Our farm recorded 5 inches of rain in 30 hours -- more than in the last 2 months. Fortunately, not a drop ran off the farm. Because you support our type of sustainable farming methods, all the rain and soil stayed here on the farm. If you noticed the local rivers raging chocolate brown this week, you may have felt the same stab of sorrow and frustration we feel at the millions of tons of PA’s finest topsoil washing into waterways and ultimately into the Chesapeake Bay, due to industrial farming practices (we won’t even talk about the synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, pesticides that also flow in that topsoil too….) So, thank you for supporting ecologically healthy farming practices!

Here’s what’s in the bag this week:

  • Eggplant (full share) or Savoy Cabbage (half share)- A mix of unique colorful eggplants; try lightly sautéed in olive oil with our Walla Walla onions. Eggplant storage is a bit tricky – they don’t like the cold of a fridge, but also don’t like it too warm – ideal storage is about 50 degrees…so always best if used as soon as possible for utmost flavor and freshness.  Savoy cabbage is great sliced raw on a sandwich, or shredded in salads. Just gorgeous curls on this fine savoy.
  • Walla Walla Onions- Use soon, as they are not a storage variety.  Try a thick juicy slice on your favorite sandwich! These are almost done for the season.
  • Basil/Cilantro bunch- Excellent chopped into fresh salsa, using our tomatillos too.
  • Red and Gold Beets– The beets are a gorgeous array of colors.  Beet greens are our favorite, prepare like spinach. Roast beets in olive oil for a tasty meal.
  • Summer Squash – come in a variety of colors and shapes. Use like zucchini.
  • Tomatillos- we really love these. Remove paper husk. Tomatillos will come in green to yellow colors. Use diced in a fresh salsa, or cut in half and roast with sea salt and pepper until carmelized.  
  • Sweet Fry Peppers- these long green peppers are a variety called Fushimi. Chop and fry with onion and squash for a tasty dish (these are not hot). You may see a couple of yellow or red sweet peppers in the mix as well (these plant varieties  are coming in later, so just a few now).
  • Rainbow Carrot bunch
  • Sungold Cherry and heirloom cherry Tomatoes- Ka-Pow!  A juicy, sweet explosion your mouth.  In your bag you will find sun gold varieties (which should be a deep orange when ripe), as well as a few unusual green (these are supposed to be green when ripe!!), striped and other colored heirloom cherries. Let these stay in the bag for a 3-4 more days to fully ripen – you will notice subtle differences in their coloring, as well as slightly tender to the touch.




Johnny and Leah

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