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Sowing Seeds of A Great Year

A great time of year for growers in the Northeast! The bulb time as I call it to create the dreams and plans for the next year. Perfect for us, as the light grows so does the opportunity for our plans this time of year. It is all hopeful and possible at this time!

I enjoyed doing many green weddings and look forward to more in 2010!Collaborating with likeminded ladies about their flowers, ways to be thrifty or recycle and reuse, ideas that honor our earth, very exiciting!

Green Ideas:

We used fruit in some centerpieces as favors to guests, we created sedum planted dessert dishes as favors, and used herb pots as favors.

We rented large vases that now are part of my stock here, we borrowed vases from guests  to use then they took home the centerpieces, we shopped vintage store finds for centerpiece containers and had fun being creative together.

I look forward to this market and working with likeminded ladies! I also commit to planting a tree on the farm for every green wedding I do. Adding to the ecosystem, growing more things to use, and honoring the couple and their commitment to the earth on their wedding day! Alittle hope as well that their union will grow long as the trees that protect our places. All great things for sowing seeds of expanded resources!!!

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