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Being away from the farm, and coming back

It is a bit scary to have to travel away from the farm, and leave it in the hands of someone else, even if that someone else is your spouse. But as it turns out, I had nothing to worry about.

 Several weeks prior to finding out that I had to travel this past week, we made an appointment to take a pig to the processor. Normally, loading pigs for their "appointment" is an "all hands on deck" family affair, requiring everyone's help to get the pig from the pasture onto the trailer and over to the processor. With me being away for this difficult work evolution, I offered to take the "hit" with the processor and reschedule (processors don't like to have their appointments changed). Mary (my spouse) said, no that she would try.

 Well, here in Virginia we have had a lot of rain this spring, something we sorely need but which makes loading pigs in a pasture somewhat difficult as you might imagine. After getting the truck stuck in the pasture (I have no idea where) she did manage to get the pig to the processor, with time to spare! Not two months ago, I had to take two days of vacation off to get one pig loaded! Thank goodness this one cooperated....

I was pleasently surprised to not find any other "disasters" waiting for me when I got back. And they only lost one or two chicks of a 125 bird order that arrived this week while I was away, to boot!

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