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More new dairy kids - Live twins (Yowza x Villa Nova) March 24, 2009

SilverAurora JT Villa Nova delivered live twins by SilverAurora SB Yowza *S *B Tuesday night. She delivered at 150 days gestation.

First was a big, 4.75-pound buckling, second was a big, 4.00-pound doeling. The buckling is a dark red chamoisee like dad, but he only has a small white star, a partial belly band that carries up his left stifle, and an anklet on his left rear leg. The doeling is a very feminine white girl with curious markings. She has about 5 evenly-spaced black spots down her spine, black eyeliner, and black lipstick. These two are going to be very flashy. For now we are retaining both kids, but we have others that will be for sale.

The kids are doing well and mom is recovering nicely.  More information and pictures on the 2009 pairings available at



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