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New dairy kids - Live quadruplets (Wepeat x Butterscotch) March 20, 2009

Please help us welcome new quadruplet purebred Nigerian Dwarf kids to Fair Skies, courtesy of SilverAurora JC Wepeat *S *B and Sandy Hollow SS Butterscotch 3*D 2*M. True to form, Butterscotch delivered today at 145 days, 12 hours gestation, completely unassisted, just as she did the year before with twins.

Carrying these quadruplets was no small feat for this petite doe, with a buckling and a doeling each weighing in at 4.00 pounds at birth, and a buckling and a doeling each weighing in at 3.25 pounds at birth! That's 14.50 pounds of kids from Butter's little belly, not including placenta and birth fluids!!

Butterscotch is an exceptional mother, doting over each and every kid. Her udder is positively massive and we are confident she will easily break her all-time record set last year at 4.5 pounds of milk in one day (then with only twins, buck and doe). In fact, even after several hours of nursing the newborns, she gave over a pound of rich, excess colostrum for our emergency stores. Butterscotch is also well known for her extremely high butterfat content, with her highest during official DHI milk test at 10.8%, with an average of 7.8% for her complete 246-day lactation on record in 2008.

All four kids are vigorous and each stood quickly and nursed on their own. Within a couple hours they were already climbing on mom and romping around her back. So far in all four we are already appreciating high, open escutcheons, wonderful spring of rib, and amazing rear width, especially at the thurls. In the overall width department, it appears that these kids are taking after their father, as we had hoped. It is too early to tell if any are polled like mom, but three are broken/belted chamoisees and the fourth is a very interesting light brown or violet color with a darker belly and extensive white overlay. One buck and one doe have frosted ears. One doe will be retained and one is reserved. The boys will be retained for evaluation as potential herdsires/wethers.

This is already shaping up to be an amazing second year for us! These kids are the first of the year here and only our fourth set of kids under our own herd name, Fair Skies. We look forward to four more kiddings in the next couple days (with any luck). We have also bred six more does for late summer kiddings, which we plan to confirm with Biotracking later this month.

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Here are a few pictures, taken just a couple hours after birth. They were all hunchy yesterday as it was only about 5F with a breeze after the sun went down here. Good thing mom had them all dried off right away!

Fair Skies - quadruplet dairy kids born March 20, 2009


Fair Skies - quadruplet dairy kids born March 20, 2009


Fair Skies - quadruplet dairy kids born March 20, 2009

 Fair Skies - quadruplet dairy kids born March 20, 2009

Fair Skies - quadruplet dairy kids born March 20, 2009



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