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Another set of new dairy kids - Live twins (Wepeat x Xtreme Grace) March 23, 2009

SilverAurora TH Xtreme Grace, a first-freshener, delivered live twin doelings by SilverAurora JC Wepeat *S *B, completely unassisted today!  She delivered at 148 days, 12 hours gestation.

Both doelings were 4.00 pounds each at birth, which is a great size for a first-timer to deliver all on her own!  She even had them standing, cleaned off, and fed without any help at all!  Strong kids and a good mom make a great combination!

One doeling is a chamoisee with white and the other is another violet color with the smokey points/underbelly.  Very interesting!  At least one has frosted ears, not sure on the other yet (waiting for her to dry completely and show me her colors better).  I will probably retain one doe and make the other available.

More information and pictures on the 2009 pairings available at

This is our sixth set of kids under our herd name, Fair Skies. Here are a few pictures, taken just a couple hours after birth. As is typical for new kids born at these temperatures, they were all hunchy last night. It was about 30F with gusty wind so we added a lamp to help supplement heat.

Xtreme Grace delivered live twins by Wepeat after 148.5 days gestation. March 23, 2009




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