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Composting is productive recycling and turning trash into cash.

When it comes to saving on our bills in an ecconomy that is hurting almost all of us, it is time to start rethinking and rewriting  our  waste  habits and laws.

One time I was trying to salvage a huge amount of alfalfa and hay horse feed that were dumped in a close by barn I was told to stop and leave the property by the store manager.I was told before that I could compost same if it was taken from the trash bin and later was told not to.

Imagine how much valuable struff are trashed in the dumpster that could be composted.Lake Worth City is spearheading a composting project and the city residents were asked to attend a composting class that will entitle them to have a composting bin and a credit rebate as well.

There are so many businesses that are crowding our dumspters with stuff that could go to the compostingf bin.There are cities that have passed laws to stop this from happening.

Composting is a green energy endeavor that saves on trhe costs of waste management and also promotes healthy productive  habits .It will help to turn garden and kitchen trash into organic soil that produces fruits and vegetables and encourages the creation of organic gardens in our backand front yards to replace the unproductive lawns.

Officials and residents  who help bring out this message into reality are the true leaders who care about the wellness of the community.Let us give them a hand and a big THANK YOU!

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