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Myplate or powerplate new food pyramid to choose from and whoare the ones who benefit from the food sibsidies ?

Now there is a new food pyramid called :myplate.If you did not know about it yet, it is time now to do so.

Here are some appetizers to choose from:


If it is good for you to eat more fruits and vegetables , then it is good news for produce farms and small farmers.But who is getting the subsidies and support to grow more of the produce?Are they the small organic farmers or the Big Agri business especially those who grow the grain for animals and use GMO seeds?

Is there an alternative to the new food pyramid or plate/ Check out :

Bon Appetite




E-Coli and Food Scare in Europe any different from US?

There are so much politics going on to control the FOOD CHAIN production especially the organic food.

Instead of focusing on regulating the genetically modified organism(GMO) , the direction is going to the opposite side .

Here is a self esxplanatory video about the behind the scenes news that pop up every now and then to scare the hell of us:

Small organic farmers are now on the rise nationally and they can be of an influential group to loby against GMO at the capitol and beyond.There are elections coming up next year, so why not start the process of spreading the awareness about who must run our food chain and who must not be in charge to ruin it.You decide.Your vote counts.Speak up and stand up for a NON_GMO  food .Let the GMO labeling bells ring.

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