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Once in Florida:Eat like a LOCAL Floridian!!Fresh Florida Harvested Top Ten Immune System Boosters Foods .

Hippocretes , the Greek Father of medicine said: "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food"!

I have a neighbor who just came out of hospital and is now recovering after a Brain Surgery .The doctor diagnosed  a possible anuarism !

He came all the way from Canada to relax and have a vaccation in the TROPICAL S.Florida.He ended up in Hospital for TEN Days.His diet was so poor eating JUNK to save money.When I introduced the topic of TROPICAL LOCALLY GROWN FOOD he recoiled at the words of Calaloo,papaya and coconut.So After he was discharged from the hospital he came to me and asked me what he should EAT while in S.Florida.

As an urban farmer and personal chef who grows his own food, I had to suggest that let his food be locally grown and in season!So Together we worked and came up with some TOP TEN Healthy Tropical Delicious food .Once in Florida, eat like a  Native Floridian, is the best advice to follow to stay away from the hospital or keep the doctor away:


 (Note:This narration is for information only.No diagnosis or prognossis is intended.You need to check out with your doctor before you attempt to eat or try this FOOD list.Some people have food allergies and need to practice precaution and consult their health practitioner apriori.)

 1.Local Alkaline Spring Water . Dehydration is common in S.Florida.So to hydrate is the answer.raises stress hormone levels, causing serious brain damage. Drink at least ten glasses of water a day.The question is which water to drink?Personally I drink SPRING WATER with a PH of 8.5.


2. Deep Ocean Florida Fish. DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid found in fish, is the main component of brain synapses. A lack of omega-3 has been shown to diminish intellectual performance and is linked with dementia. If you don't eat fish, omega-3 is also found in walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and flax seeds. In addition, you can take it as a supplement; 1000 mg a day is what we recommend. (For a list of the best fish to eat, click here.)

3. Florida grown Tropical Fruits and vegetables rich in Antioxidant Rich -Organic Fruits and Vegetables. The best of these, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, are blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, strawberries, spinach,,
avocados, oranges, red bell peppers, . Five servings a day of fruits and vegetables is recommended.I personally PREFER Florida  locally grown BLUEBERRIES and Papaya ,mango,citrus and pineapple:

4. Organic /Heirloom -Vine Ripe TS.Florida Cherry tomatoes . These are a major source of the strong antioxidant lycopene. Lycopene reduces the risk of cancer by 40% - notably prostate, lung, and stomach cancers - and increases cancer survival. Tomato eaters function better mentally in old age and suffer half as much heart disease. Concentrated tomato sauces (found on pizza and in pasta sauces) have five times more lycopene than fresh tomatoes and canned tomatoes have three times more than fresh.

5.Extra Virgin First Cold Press Robust  Coconut OIL (or if not availableOLIVE OIL). Olive oil is my personal choice after coconut oil(Number one choice)is a major part of a Mediterranean diet, shown to help reduce death from heart disease and cancer. Heart attack survivors on a Mediterranean diet had half the death rates of those on an ordinary low-fat diet, recent research shows. A famous researcher, Ancel Keys, once declared olive oil the main dietary reason for remarkably low mortality rates among Mediterranean populations. Olive oil, unlike other vegetable oils, is high in antioxidant activity.

6. Organic Sprouted Florida ROJO GARLIC: This herb is packed with nutrients known to help fend off cancer, heart disease, aging, and other health problems. Garlic has prolonged cancer survival time and extended animal lifespans by about 5%, which in humans might add about four years, German researchers have found. A tip from researchers at Penn State: let crushed garlic "rest" about ten minutes before cooking it, to preserve its disease-fighting agents. Garlic is the featured herb in this month's "Herbal Corner" section below.

7. Calaloo -SPINACH. This super health-promoter is second among vegetables only to garlic in antioxidant capacity. It is also rich in folic acid, which helps fight cancer, heart disease, and mental disorders. In animals, it protects aging brains from degeneration, according to studies performed at Tufts University. New University of Kentucky research shows folic acid may help prevent Alzheimer's Disease. Both raw and steamed spinach contain high antioxidant and other essential nutrient content.

The best SPINACH to eat in Florida is the Carribean :CALALO".

8-Wild harvested Florida Mushrooms.If hard to find then use:Mitake and Shitake are my favorites.Here are the benefits of mushrooms:

9-Home Made Probiotic yogurt : Rich in acidophelis and bifidus .Time teste through history.My favorite is the home made GREEK yogurt.

10. Herbal Aloe Vera mixed with / Green and ordinary black tea :It packs the same amounts of antioxidants and have equal benefits, experts say.Ginseng- added to your favorite herbal blends is a good choice. Harvard researchers recently found that drinking one cup of black tea a day cut heart-disease risk in half. Be sure to make ice tea from loose tea or tea bags; instant tea and bottled teas contain minimal antioxidants, tests at Tufts University show.Bonne appetite and..


HappyFlorida  summer gardening !

Tony Dagher BA,CFMG

Gardening classes every Saturday and Sunday as advertized in Natural Awakening Magazine and web:



What is new on the GMO label front and the "Pink Slime?

 Organic Consumers Association is the best source to track what is going on the Farm front like  GMO label and Pink Slime ,etc,.

Check this out:

There are petitions being circulated about the pink slime .Besides farmers can stay uptodeate about Monsanto and other farm topics and concerns.

It is good to know and be educated about the state of the farm and farmers.I beleive that the farm was the nucleous of the society and civilization.

Towns and cities started from farm aggregates and communities.

Teaching our children how to farm is the right thing to do now.

The family is the link that keeps our society chain  intact.

Family farmers and urban farmers are the future farmers as they always were the farmers of ancient  and past times.


The next generation of the Future Growers :Robot farmers!Guess Who is next on line?

Five years ago I met  a young urban farmer who was also  a computer geek , he told me that there will be a chance for Robotic Farmers in the near future.

I laughed .

I thought this is a science fiction joke.Well ,  until recently I found out that a magazine has been publishing studuies about sex robots and they will be a good source of revenue for tourism in countries like Holland.Check it out:


As farmers are concerned , there will be a new generation of farmers to replace the migrant farmers for example.Robots!

I magine that happening at your farm?Here is the scientific study :

Another study is suggesting that sex robots will be able to breed and get a better breed.Imagine this also happening to the farmer robots.Will they replace the human farmer?

I watched a movie  in 2009 ,"The Surrogates".I thought this is another joke ...but who knows?

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