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How does GMO or Genetically Modified food Affect our Bodies and Brains?

My mother who is Ninety two years old and who grew up on a farm and grew her own food when at a younger age , told me that her body is rejecting tghe food that she buys from the conventional markets.

She started to complain about many ailments and she had to leave the city and go back to live in the country where she had access for locally grown farm  foods.

Now I wonder why I have tthis continuous urge to do the same.My body has been subjected to genetically modified food without even being aware -No GMO Labels Exist-how this conventional food grown and sold freely in the market to unsuspecting customers is affecting my body and mind in a downward spiral ?

Here are some answers  as seen on TV:


Aside from how the GMO and other additives alterd foods are damaging the Organs of our bodies, no one is aware of how the GMO and chemical synthetic altered foods  like ASPARTEME are damaging our brain cells.Here is a study by an MD  which is self explanatory:

In this election year ,  how urban family farmers are going to make their voice and vote count towards reforming the state of the farm ?Dont  people have the right to know what they are putting in their MOUTH and BRAIN?

We have inflicted so much damage on the Body-Mind and its time that SPIRIT  will come to the rescue, in case we cared less to take charge and act! So, Help US GOD!


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