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After rocket fuel was found in milk and traced to cows feeding on grass at the Belle Glades Florida now we have Fire retardents in peanut butter..

Are we getting attacked by peanuts or milk or simply by drugs that render us cannibals?Who are the terrosrists behind contaminated foods and DRUGS that kill?Why are they legal to buy ?Why not regulate what harms our body and mind in forms of drugs or altered artificial food?

Check out this YOU TUBE about last wave of DRUGS?BATH SALTS? IVORY WAVE ?Chilling effects(Please be advized :Containing disturbing images or news):


Or this fuel retardent in our food:

 Here in Florida the Governer recently signed into law : State Employees must take DRUG TESTS.There is reason why .Pill mills clinics were raided by police and law enforcement .A lot of corruption and fraud lirks around and could be traced to drugs.DRUGS may be a suspect of triggering criminal behaviours .So why not make it mandatory to test all FEDERAL-STATE and MUNICIPAL employees for drugs use or abuse ?

Tax payers money should not go to drug users or abusers and such people should not be eligible to keep a state,federal or municipal position .

There are people who work and get paid with tax payers money and they are or have been on drugs and they abuse their positions with impaired judgements and cause law suits that expose local and state governments to pay settlements .An example is ex-commissioners who are now serving jail sentences and convicted  DCF officials etc...Just by reading the local newspapers we find out that we have a problem from using and abusing drugs and there is a solution>Drug tests and JUSTICE for all!

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