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A CHINA Man burries himself alive ,protesting CUTiNG DOWN his trees!Hello ,anybody home?

This story makes me remember my precious 8 years old NEEM trees that were destroyed along with the community garden at a DRUG and CRIME infested neighborhood back in 2009..Luckily I had my garden preserved in a local newspaper coveragwe back in 2008..before it became HISTORY!

It was a project that started with DADS or DADS AGAINST DRUGS back  late 1998.It survived untill 2009 after the  (XY)city decided to convert it to a LAND fill.

I was told that I do not EXIST and they removed /destroyed all the NEEM TREES and other vegetations along with the TOP ORGANIC SOIL that we -more than 30 families-built and hauled for TEN YEARS!All was gone back in 2009.I did not think of any way top bring the attention to this ENVIRON-MENTAL shift of THINKING!!

So , how about this story from CHINA about a farmer who spent THIRTY YEARS planting TREES and all were  gone to make place for development!?He burried himself in PROTEST.Does it ring a bell?It did for me..Check it out downbelow:

The HURRICANE season is going to be very busy this SUMMER in Florida.Wonder why?  Man has deforested and destroyed so much of the FERTILE EARTH .As they say.."whatever goes around comes around" around". around" it is time for the EARTH to decide which trees must fall and which land to destroy??

We have ALMOST ,lost all the mango fruit  HERE AS A RESULT OF TROPICAL STORM DEBBY.THERE ARE NOT MUCH  MANGOS HANGING ON THE TREES,We were lucky only few branches fell ,but most of the fruits were lost for the  critters and mosquitoes to feast on.


When will "man" stop the aggression against the EARTH and its inhabitants among which are the TREES?They are not just timber.They are like us.Forms of life that give birth to fruits and food for the living.


Hopefully the CHINA man who burried himself in protest of cutting his trees teaches us a  lesson in protecting our environment!

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