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A day at the Lake Worth Resource Center-Helping hands,Mentoring minds and Compassionate hearts

Last time I reported from the LWRC was when the landscape grounds as well as the skills of the garden work force were being enriched by Brickmans , one of the top landscaping corporations  nationwide .It was October 16,2009.

Today is January 13,2010 . I bring along my enthusiasm and passion to the center to report another day .The temperature of the ARCTIC CHILL is receding back to the normal tropical zone.I rode my bicycle to catch up the line of job aplicants who start flooding the center around 7 AM  for local work .Most of the workers who use the center are specialized in landscaping .I count more than 50 unemployed  linning up for the monthy bus pass .A service the center provides to help out the unemployed secure a price reduced MONTHLY bus pass at $ 5, from the TRI-COUNTY PALM TRAM.

On the other part of the hall at LWRC there are around 30 students who are enrolled in a program to learn the ENGLISH LANGUAGE.

The center also provides breakfast and lunch meals for free to the incumbants who find at the center a great venue for using their IT center for job search  and other educational means.

The calender for January is rich with activities  and programs such as:

Tutorials.English for the workplace course.AA presentation.Art workshop.Cake decorating class.ID cards assistance program.Cake decorating class.

As an Urban Organic Farmer who uses the center , I find it helpful to extend a helping hand in reporting about its great contribution to the community.I also have offered my vision and volunteer services to start an educational ORGANIC GARDENING WORKSHOP at any time in the future when it is convenient to the center.Here in Lake Worth  there are great opportunities for employing the experienced migrant farmers if we create a right setting that combines bringing in the potential home owners who need to start an ORGANIC VEGGIE GARDEN in their backyards ,along with the Landscaping employers who like to expand their scope of work into ORGANIC GARDENING.

I have discussed my  vision and ideas with Mr.Don Wilson, the CEO of the Mentoring Center earlier and I am still confident that one day such a workshop will find its way into being at the center.

In tiimes so dire economically , we need to explore and create more opportunities for our community just by offering to volunteer our services even if we can not find financial remunerations at first.Creating work at the community level means utilizing  resources both human and financial to make a positive impact on our community.There are people who talk about it in meetings, or whatever ,to bolster their PR image and there are people who JUST DO IT to do the right thing and make a difference in peoples lives.The people at LWRC do make a difference and they need our help one day at a time.Thank you DON WILSON and team of volunteers at the LWRC.

Tony Dagher BA,CFMG @

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