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When I was asked to volunteer in fascilitating a Composting FREE class at the Public Service Dept./City of Lake Worth  back in June 2010-I had no idea that it will grow to become a GREEN PROGRAM !

Thanks to the pioneer creative vision of the LWPS director MR.Joseph Kroll , local residents now can obtain affordable compost bins , attend FREE Composting and organic gardening classes ,get help to start growing their food in their own backyards and save money on both  the grocery and trash collecting bills!

When finding a job becomes a full time  and  long term :Mission Impossible" job, starting with a short term self created JOB to PRODUCE our own food is in itself an alternative and  positive contribution in the right direction!

While living in a down graded ecconomy :/14.4 TRILLION debt -Soaring national 9.6%unemployment-Budget -spending cuts etc, people are now asking this question:Are we yet in the depression following the DEEP RECESSION: I

I am personally a positive person who does not beleive in the gloom and doom conspiracy theories, but it does not hurt to get prepared and do like what our grandfathers did in the depression by growing their own VICTORY GARDEN to servive:

It pays to" light one candle rather than cursethe darkness".Innovative and  creative acts like producing and  growing  our own food in itself is  A JOB that pays in bringing food to the Home TABLES  and Local Green Market!!.

Shifting gears from CONSUMING MENTALITY TO PRODUCING MENTALITY is all what we need to raise the GDP (Gross Domestic Product)!

Depending on charity hand outs/food stamps/unemployment checks/subsidies etc..contributes to further our DEBT crisis. Tax payers money ill spent  on Local Aid through  NON-PRODUCTIVE programs such as the above , is as counterproductive  as the  tax payers money spent on Foreing Aid .

Growing your own food saves by trimming the municipal RECYCLING costs of  biodegradable  trash  for example:kitchen /yard scraps !.Composting saves on the garden center bill.Composting is a productive practice that transforms inefficient grass yards into productive vegetable gardens that can FEED our families and promote a sustainable self reliant agricultural ecconomy that does not depenf on importing food from foreign countries and recycle the dollar locally rather than send it abroad!

Here is a sample of the classes that are now being offered every month at Lake Wortgh:A pictutre is worth telling more than thousand words:


More information on how to participate in the LW Composting Program ,please visit our web link below:

A big THANK YOU to:

The Public Service Department-City of Lake Worth/Fl.

THE Lake Worth Herald coverage.

Anna Maria Blog  coverage @ lakewortheveryminute

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Natural Awakening Magazine PBC/Fl .

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