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A NARRATION about a personal Flu Experience .How to overcome NATURALLY, without a vaccine

The mainstream media   are busy  bombarding us  daily with news about the flu .Most of us give in to the propaganda and rush to get a vaccine which started as a two shots dose and now is being recommended for one shot after the Canadians and Chinese found it sufficient as so.

Well , I got the flu and I am not which category .But here is how I managed to survive and thrive without a vaccine.I learned that adults have mercury added to their vaccine ingredient.So , I opted to keep the heavy metal toxin out of my blood stream  altogether.

I started coughing and spitting phelgm ..It was a deep cough in the begining.The color of the phelgm was light green and yellow.I rushed to take my daily mega dose of vitamin C to fortify my IMMUNE SYSTEM.

Then I went shopping for herbs like MINT,CHAMOMILE for my home made  herbal tea .It is known in TCM and Ayeurveda that to counter a Flu with its opposite.So while I had a fever in the begininjg I used MINT tea to COOL my system .It worked.Chamomile is a natural ANTI-BIOTIC.Also I used a lot of RAW GARLIC...AND I DID REST TOO!


Gardening helped me a lot.Deep breathing exercises in the garden did the trick by supplying FRESH OXYGEN to my depleted cells.Lots of fresh salads and GREENS supplied the NEEDED CHLOROPHYL...


It is taking its toll...So I was PATIENT and stayed home to avoid infecting others.Sun bathing and beach walks were practiced to enhance the D vitamin production and reduce STRESS.


That was my personal narration to combat a FLU...Whta ever you do is UP TO YOU...It worked for me!

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