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A Recent scientific study proves "POT" damages Brain Cells!

I was coming from a NOFA convention for Organic Farmers , long time ago , using the "Grey Hound" bus , when a security officer at the Jacksonville GH ground station confiscated an herb bag which I bought at the convention that contained SPEAR MINT herb .He mistakenly thought it was POT!It was labelled clearly as "Spearmint" and smelled as MINT too!! Unfortunatelly  I had to be treated like a suspect because it looked like a Marijuana weed according  to the security officer.
This resulted in  a my  trip being delayed and  disrupted ,I lost my seat on the original bus -as another passenger claimed it!
I  was put on another late bus while some of my personal belongings  were lost en route due to this disruption .
I decided to speak out and complained to the station manager who did nothing to correct the situation.I was threatened by the security officer for TRESPASSING even though I had a valid GREY HOUND bus ticket .That was my last trip using a Grey Hound.But it was the beginning of a trip to speak out against the USE or Abuse of drugs including pot!!
Most people do not know that Aboriginals,or INDEGENOUS peoples like Native Americans  shun and do not approve of the use of tobacco and pot (Marijuana).Their smoking Peace pipe or C'ANUPA (CHANNUPA) usually used in their ceremonies has the leaves and bark of the WILLOW TREE for a  smoke and NEVER TOBACCO which is only used to make their ceremonies prayer bead knots only .Check the story of the C'ANUPA :\
What a painful bus experience though to recall, just because someone with not enough education about herbs ,mixed up mint for marijuana.!!!!!
Not all green herbs are created  equal . Marijuana which I have never ever seen or grown or smoked in my whole life DAMAGES BRAIN CELLS...By the testimoney of Native Americans and now SCIENTIFIC STUDIES!!
As an Urban Farmer ,I meet people who ask me if I grow weed jokingly? Now I know that it is CULTURALLY common and accepetd to smoke Marijuana for many medicinal or non medicinal reasons and I respect that but I do not have to AGREE and approve  of growing or smoking Marijuana.You may also not AGREE with me.I agree to disagree with you!!
Recently it was reported in the news a man attacked and partially ate a portion of a homeless man's face  in Miami , he was shot to death by police to stop him .When they had an atopsy of the attacker it came out as Marijuana pot in his blood stream!!May be he was using it for medicine may be not but look at what he did?

I am not trying to decide for you  what or what not to use as medicine It is up to your doctor to do that..But personally I still beleive that MARIJUANA DESTROYS BRAIN CELLS and here are the latest scientific study released TODAY.
Check it out :
This is not to open tyhe stage for agree or disagree about the use of Marijuana.This is to acknowledge that SCIENCE finally has something to say about what Marijuana do the the brain cells of humans especially for teenagers....How many of the people you know using CIGARETTES or Marijuana started as TEENAGERS  and nver stopped .Thats the age when you get hooked up and its hard to quit scientifically proven and thats what the Tobacco Industry use to hook up people to their tobacco products when they are TEENAGERS!
It is time to start preparing the backyard garden for the growing season of fruits and vegetables and other LEGAL herbs .More info about my Organic Gardening Classes at:Natural Awakening Magazine "Mark your calender"!!

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