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TOP TEN Benefits of growing organic herbs,fruits and veggies in CONTAINERS in S.Florida

Have you ever asked yourself this question: Why container gardening is easier to handle than the yard gardening?

Well, here are some benefits listings  to encourage you to start an organic garden in containers if you live in a studio,efficiency,apartment without any access to a front or back yard.

Here in South Florida we are in the 9-10 agricultural zone.Keep this in mind because what defines which plants to grow and which not to is relevant to the zone category which is governed by climatic temperature in general.

I have noticed that the following reasons from my own experience suffice to consider container gardening especially for a new comer to S.Florida or a new gardener  .Here are some observations to take note of Organic  Container Gardening:

1-It is cheaper and SAVES  you money,energy, water conservation,and time.

2-It is SIMPLE and requires no special  expensive big garden tools and accessories.Small inexpensive tools will be enough.

3-It is INSTANT and requires not much efforts or resources to start and maintain. 

4-It is more accessible to the elderly,children and  people  with disabilities.

5-It is more PRONE  to manage,move  during inclement weather or the hurricane season.

6-It is EASY to maintain ,with less weeding for example .

7-It is FUN.You may like to decorate the containers with drawings or painting etc..and place at locations that you find more convenient .

8-It is PRODUCTIVE if you choose to grow fruits,veggies and herbs.

9-It is easy to SALVAGE if you choose to relocate or  otherwisewas obliged get evicted.

10-It is more FLEXIBLE  to locate  either indoors or outdoors.



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