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Ever been at the EVERGLADES -Florida?Study proves that "Big Sugar Agri Business Polluting the Florida Everglades and paying less for Clean up?"

Beleive it or not :Here in S.Florida the old news is always the "new" news.

Big Sugar Agri Business polluting the water with chemical fertilizers as phosphoros and nitrogen  while  refusing  to pay their share  to clean up  as the Palm Beach Post reports.As a result Taxpayers pick up MOST of the Clean UP  bill!Read more :


Here is what the Everglades Foundatrion Study says:


As Earth Day comes closer we stop to reflect on ways and means to clean up and preserve the Natural Resources for our children .The least is to protect our Water and Earth resources.


Talking about resources makes us wonder what happened to the fertile soil and the clean water act? Who are the polluters and what did they do to repair the damages done to the environment?

There are consequences for damaging our natural resources that resonate and culminate to affect futrure generations ..Now is the time to do something about keeping our LIVING planet Earth a safe place for the LIVING?

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