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Celebrating our Body-Mind-Spirit FOOD INDEPENDENCE from GMO ,pesticide and other special groups politically"motivated" interests etc.. .

Soverignty has a sacred meaning in our DEMOCRACY.The individual has rights and obligations .This is why we need to stop and review what we take as granted:OUR BIRTH RIGHT to BE HEALTHYin Body-Mind-Spirit!.

How many do not have HEALTH INSURANCE or can not afford to go to the dentist for example?.Hundreds?Thousands?Millions?At least I count myself and a lot of  small family farmers .

There is now a LAW ,that the SUPREME COURT upheld ,which hopefully will bring HEALTH INSURANCE to evryone .Most democratic countries provide health services to their people.Canada and Europe have almost FREE HEALTH INSURANCE Coverage in place.We too have the same rights as human beings -whether in Canada,Europe or anywhere on Earth,to stay healthy and visit the doctor when we are not.

When President Obama successfully spearheaded a Health Insurance initiative that was upheld by the supreme court ,we took it for a partisan political bickering .When state of Arizona came up with SB-1070 Immigration law , the supreme court decided that a state can not pass Immigration law ,therefore they struck out three out of four provisions of SB-1070 and kept temporarily one:Police can stop an individual for :"Papers please",based on SUSPICION  of being illegal while for example :(Driving using  Hispanic name-having a tan-eating tacos-having an accent etc..) .

Politics is changing the way  we look at each others as  individuals and creating more hurdles and obstacles in our life rather than solving them .Politics allows for pesiticides in our food and Genetically Modified Organisms into our body but when it comes to the individual Constitutional rights of expression  like speach ,for what we put in our head or out of our mouth.Here is  what Special Interest Politics  is doing both to our food for body and mind :

Special " Politically motivated " interests are  also interfering in our spiritual food or so called religious freedom to pray , at least  in Arizona-for now:

What else is left of FREEDOM  in an "Arizona way or the highway " Democracy ,or shall we call it otherwise?

You decide!

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