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Climate Change: DRAUGHT,wild fires,twisters,floodings are just messages to stop the man made insanity ! .

The water restrictions are now being upgraded to once a week here at WPB. The DRAUGHT is OFFICIALLY SEVERE in PBC.Take a tour to the neighboring Palm Beach Island the home of the rich  and the supper rich.You will notice the high class clubs lawns and golf courses  ..shinning super green.Thanks to an exceptional approval to use the water to keep the lawns and golf courses green , what about water restrictions being not applied to some gated communities ,rich and super rich clubs,golf courses and mansions both in WPB and Palm Beach ?

Here are some  reports about the draught by the Post worth looking at:

Recently ,a project was approved by a local city commisioners  to beautify a major road with grass and landscaping.The   landscaping project costs one million.Forget about the irrigation cost ..what about the draught water restrictions compliance , while budget cuts to police,schools,fire dept and more are being also approved?Kind of confusing..What are the priorities in a draught?To beautify a meridian and spend more money on watering the grass while so many people are hungry and  losing their jobs,homes and cars to the banks?

Water water every where to irrigate the grass ...but not enough  water to drink or grow food.Ooops...water restrictions can be profitable by increasing the revenue from ticketting the offenders.That is a good thing!Yes????

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