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Come and celebtrate the Composting Awareness Week with us : Attend a FREE Composting class

The most valuable things in life are FREE.

They are the four elements of CREATION as called by the Native Americans:AIR-WATER-EARTH-FIRE.

Beleive it or not..they are also the necessary elements that you need to CREATE COMPOST.

What is Compost?.Simply said , it is end product of the decomposition process of organic matter .Compost is the basic ingredient of SOIL.

Lincoln once wqas qouted as saying:"The next endangered species on EARTH is :SOIL".

The HUMUS it was called in Latin.Soil was called HUMUS in the beginning when life was formed.HUMUSAPIENS we were called in Latin, later transfigured in English to become:HOMO-S-apiens(The word Ape was taken from there!Give glory to FREUD))or the DWELLERS of  EARTH.

Back to composting.I am fascilitating a FREE class on Composting in collaboration with the City of Lake Worth to spread the awareness .

Keeping in mind that most valuable things are FREE...Humbly speaking,I beleive my FREE class also will be valuable , if you decided to change the color of your thumb from brown into green !!!

The FREE class will be offered in S.Florida..In case you live close by , then you are WELCOME to attend . More info at my web link below...  .Check the events calender to RSVP:



More info about the Composting Awareness Week @:


Happy composting

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