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How to make your own BASIC ORGANIC COMPOST in South Florida?

Most of us were shocked when we first hit the ground trying to grow vegetables in South Florida .The reason:   SANDY SOIL.

There are so many ways to amend or even replace whatever found in the ground.

I personally opted to prepare my own ORGANIC COMPOST and soil after so many trials and errors of more than FIFTEEN years of HANDS ON Community gardening and farming in South Florida .Practice makes perfect .The ones who make mistakes are the ones who accomplish by DOING! Do not be intimidated by lack of knowledge. Follow the LEARNING CURVE! EXPERIMENT and EXPLORE!


I found in times of food safety issues and uncertainty to take the most untravelled road prompted by my own instinct and learned experience. Here are some suggestions if you choose to make your own Organic Compost and thereby Organic Soil.

Always start small to learn the process. Allocate, first, a safe location for the compost pile or get a compost bin .Remove any existing sod or weeds from the spot you chose to be your composting area .Cover with sticks/leaves or mulch for aeration.

 Start by compiling and collecting the brown and green manure first on a nearby spot.


A-Brown Manure: Consists of natural CARBON rich materials like: Saw dust, dried leaves, dry plants like sea weed, mulch...etc. Avoid using sick plants or weeds with seeds.

Here is a list of suggestions for sources of Brown Matter or Manure ready to be buried:


1-Coffee-paper filter and grounds /tea bags.

2-Newspapers/junk mail/paper towels and toilet paper rolls!

3-Old rugs/clothes made from Natural cotton .linen or wool. No polyester or plastic clothes please!


B-Green Manure: Consists of NITROGEN rich materials like: Kitchen food scraps, acceptable animal manure (I personally use cured /aged horse manure) and meals like blood and bone meals from a non-cow source for being PICKY!  Grain /legume meals like alfalfa, flax, corn, soybean etc...

Here is another list of suggestions for more sources of Green Manure:


1-Egg shells/Seashells/ Coconut shredded shells/other nuts shells!

2-Feathers and hair. No animal meat products, whatsoever!

3-Expired Organic dairy products: Milk/Soymilk, yogurt and cheese!

4-Expired cans of NATURALLY brewed beer/Expired brewers yeast .No soda drinks or any other drinks with added additives /chemicals or colors, please! REMEMBER:

 The secret keyword for composting is: R E C Y C L E!

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