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Comprehensive and applied ergonomics .What does it mean for farmers and gardeners

The word ERGONOMICS was first used by the GREEKS .Hippocretes the father of medicine used it in explaining the use of the right tools as applied to surgery .The Egytians also knew and used the tem as applied to the work environment and tools used by the different workers.

The meaning of ERGONOMICS :The originof the word as mentioned is GREEK.ErGO means WORK and NOMICS means LAWS.The laws of work as to fit the human worker .Today the cognitive meaning can be stretched to cover the physiolgical,cognitive,organizational,social and environental factors to say the least.

Most applied techniques of egonomics address the industrial and manufacturing environment to define the best tools,seats ,machines etc that fit into the use of a human.

We do not have much research and study material that adress the farm and garden work.Physiacl therapy,massage therapy and TCMTraditional  Chinese medicine do touch on the repetitive motion and musculr and skeletal injuries through alexander technique and trigger point fo example.

As farmers and gardeners who use their body to do physical work , we need to be aware of the methods and mechanisms that protect and prevent injuries to our body systems as we use fuctional garden movements and work related tools.

The first thing we find available when we try to do a research on the subject is the deluge of business related articles that promote sales of Garden Ergonomic tools forget to explain methods and mechanism to help the human body avert injuries through proper body mechanism.

I have adressed this subject in an earlier article "TheTen Commandments of Ergonomics".That will also be of help if you wanted to get a closer look and better grasp.Check it out. 

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