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Do a random act of kindness this memorial day .Help a needy or struggling human being.

This memorial day let us be kind to the living as well.I am writing this article from the office next to a rammage sale of three community churchesthat have a Hunger project and another act of charity to feed the homeless through a food pantry that draws donations from neighbors and the community by just knocking on doors and asking for donations to a food drive .

Today the traffic at the rummage sale was slow.There is a truck that is full of clothes , it is being offered for free because customers did not show up in numbers and the clothes need to be recycled to humans and not to the trash bins.

Yes, the trash bins get a lot of our excess.I am going to give a class next week in collaboration with a city official about composting.Awareness helps as well.So spread the good news and be part ofit ratgher than condemning darkness:Light a candle!

How many of us recycle our food scrapings from the kitchen?How many of us share thier leftovers with a hungry soul?

Compassion is ssomething we humans grow in our heart and harvest as a spiritual and emotional fulfilment that brings us joy and comfort .

Acts of kindness will remind us that we are mortals and need to  help each others and recycle LOVE in acts of kindness even to strangers.

I feel good today becasue I donated few bucks to the teens who were  were selling water to raise funds for their summer camp.I felt good because I shared the joy and the smile with those school kids who were working for collecting funds for a youth program that will keep them active in a positive way.You can do it as well.

Happy memorial day. 

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