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Honoring Earth Day Event by growing more trees and vegetable gardens!

There is an Earth Day Event this Saturday at the Cultural Plaza at down town Lake Worth-S.Florida.

It is :Open to the public and FREE.There will be music,food,an Organic Gardening Class ,Herbs and plants available for sale  and much more fun for all..

It is Spring time and the flowers are blooming sending the aromas allover S.Florida.A call for an outdoor celebration.Come ye all!

Earth Day is time to bring the community together and raise the GREEN AWARENESS and HONOR  our Mother Earth .

I take this opportunity to give classes on creating more Organic Gardens .Imagine the BENEFITS if we transform all our inefficient water consuming lawns or neglected lands into organic productive vegetable and fruit gardens!Here is a sample of the outcome:

1)More local food will bring more local business improving on the local ecconomy.

2)Less global warming and carbon foot print,starting on the local level ,hence reducing the dependence on importing food from abroad or far away states.

3)Reduced cost of the gracery bill as more families will be able to grow their own food at backyards and buy less food from the stores!

4)Increase in Job Opportunities and increase of Farm land productivity .Even Urban Farming has a positive impact on producing more jobs.Growing food is a job that pays well  through outlets such as a CSA or a Farmers Market.

5)More children,teens and adults will have a chance to exercise more and lose weight through gardening .In England for example, gardening is considered a sport .Why noy also in US? At least this will decrease chances of obeisty as well increasing the overall health of participants. 


More details about the event on April 21st and the Organic Gardening Class at:


Happy Earth Day ..every day!

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