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Ethical Farming and other" Eye Opening Research" about Agricultural corruption !

Have you ever wondered where the word ETHICS come from? Wonder no more.


Here is what Wikipedia defines refering to the Scientific codes of Ethics: Qoute:"

Many organizations and professions have come up with their own "universal code of ethics." For example, the scientists' professional code of ethics includes the following moral standards:

  • Act with skill and care in all scientific work. Maintain up to date skills and assist their development in others.
  • Take steps to prevent corrupt practices and professional misconduct.
  • Declare conflicts of interest.
  • Be alert to the ways research derives from and affects the work of other people, and respect the rights and reputations of others.
  • Ensure that your work is lawful and justified.
  • Minimise and justify any adverse effect your work may have on people, animals and the natural environment.
  • Seek to discuss the issues that science raises for society. Listen to the aspirations and concerns of others.
  • Do not knowingly mislead, or allow others to be misled, about scientific matters. Present and review scientific evidence, theory or interpretation honestly and accurately..Unqoute.

The politics of corruption does not exist only in POLITICS.It is also all over and more could be noticed on the microlevel of the farms that produce food that is not only corrupted but also adulterated and altered in many ways, like this research/study shows :

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