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Food Raves and 30 Mile food markets..are they the new Affordable Farmers Market?

We have Green Markets stretched over the the East Coast of Florida and catering mostly to the RICH and the Tourists.Prices are expensive and the vegetables are NOT LOCALLY GROWN _MOST of the TIME!!!


Come the growing and tourist season, main stream media deluge the so called green markets to tell the public about how fresh and local are the food at the GREEN and FARMERS MARKET.

OK ...MERCHANTS OF GREEN BUCKS YOU WIN.NOW LET US START LOOKING FOR SOMETHING REAL THAT replaces all the propaganda of fresh locally grown food only on the papers and screens of the main stream media .

Do not beleive what I say.It might be not true or you may ignore it or deny it.But befor eyou do that here are some movements that are now taking roots to create a NEW FARMERS markets on line and at cater for the working class locals.Here they are , courtesy the NYT article qouted below:

They Gather Secretly at Night, and Then They (Shhh!) Eat

Jim Wilson/The New York Times

A pop-up restaurant set up for one evening in the Mission district of San Francisco this month. More Photos »

SAN FRANCISCO — Along with big-wave surfing and high-altitude ultramarathons, eating is an extreme sport here. Which explains why, on a recent Saturday night, Tipay Corpuz, 21, a technology specialist for Apple, took a break from blogging about her obsession with fried chicken and waffles to join 2,500 fellow food geeks at the Underground Night Market.

Jim Wilson/The New York Times

From left Samir Bolar, Jessica Gaiber and Amy Rodriguez shared chicken satays and a whole wheat pasta dish they purchased while waiting to get into the club where the event took place.
More Photos »

Jim Wilson/The New York Times

Neil Davidson prepared part of a Hawaiian breakfast dish for a customer. More Photos »

At this quasi-clandestine monthly event, a tribal gathering of young chefs, vendors and their iron-stomached followers are remaking the traditional farmers market as an indie food rave.

At midnight, the smell of stir-fried pork bellies was wafting through the Mission district. There was live music, liquor, bouncers, a disco ball — and a line waiting to sample hundreds of delicacies made mostly on location, among them bacon-wrapped mochi (a Japanese rice paste) and ice cream made from red beets, Guinness and chocolate cake.

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