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Gardenening as a grounding therapy.Get connected to the EARTH BIO-ENERGY

I remember when I was a child sleeping on the floor.Our family was big and the home was small so we were given folding mattresses (similar to sleeping bags) to use as ourt beds .This is the reason I am so much into gardening:Being grounded to the EARTH ENERGY is a Therapy undermined and undiscovered as far as Science is concerned.

Ancient cultures used tents and caves and walked bare foot.Back to basics.There is now evidence that EARTHING might be the CHEAP medicine to our physical ills especially fopr those who arte uninsured!!Check this medical journal published article out and decide for your own:

Gardening and farming will connect us to the core energy and electrons transmitted by EARTH  especially when you garden or farm bare foot like I do.Try it when you are under the weather or not feeling well and see for yourself.Make sure that your feet touch grounds that are free of chemicals or broken glass or sharp objects .Be aware that there are ants and organisms that might bight you so choose a well groomed lawn grass like your front yard lawn and see what happens.




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