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Gardening and Urban Organic Farming as a THERAPY in the new age of alternative popular markets.

The Japanese and the Scandinavian countries have pioneered in bringing the garden to the hospital to treat patients thhrough Garden Therapy.

Here in the US farmers are paid incentives so as not to farm and Organic Urban farmers are discouraged to market their produce by making their visibility  more difficult through imposing high  stands  and insurance fees at the farmers/green market.

The growing demand for organically grown organic produce is now changing the rules of engagement and alternatves to the green markets that are run for profiteering and tourist attractions purposes.

Churches and colleges and community gardens are now having their own organic produce markets.They are inviting local urban farmers to market their harvest without imposing any of the green and farmer markets ultra fees.same with Garage sales .

The trend of popular markets were initiated in Europe during the first and second World Wars as a cheap outlet for farmers to sell directly to the urban and city residents at affordable prices that eliminate the extra expenses paid to middleman and merchants.

So what is the link between garden therapy and popular markets?

Therapy comes when patients immerse their hands in the organic soil and plant and harvest organic produce,fruits and flowers.They will absorb the healing energy that emerges for the Cosmic Universe and the interact with four elements of creation:EARTH(SOIL/MUD THERAPY)-AIR(OXYGEN THERAPY )-WATER(HYDROTHERAPY)-FIRE(SUN-THERMOTHERAPY).

Stress the root of all dis-ease.People in our times are lacking food,pure water and steady jobs .The  faltering economy is stripping them from their basic needs of housing,transport,health insurance,health foods stc..

So , now we are in similar situation to the WW-I and II .There was the Victory garden solution back then and now the Backyard /Frontyard and community organic gardens are immerging to be same .What is missing is the Farmer Factor.Now we use migrant farmers who soon will be deported so sho will fill in the blank? You and me mon amie!So start digging and flexing your muscles in the backyard and forget about the expensive inefficient GYM.

The garden will make you:Fit and healthy .


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