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Getting Educated about Culinary and Medicinal benefits of Herbs and Supplements before we use(or LOSE) them!!

People tend to abuse DRUGS and end up in hospitals or dead.There is now an ADDICTION RUSH/ RASH that is spreading in S.Florida by COVENTIONAL MD clinics for PROFIT that prescribe and dispense on the spot PILLS for PAIN..Welcome to the PILL MILL big  business fraud that is being targeted by LAW ENFORCEMENT ..

It is good to know:Dr.Hulda Clark wrote three books :Cheif among them "The Cure for all cancers" exposed some vitamins and herbal manufacturors who "intentionally" added lead and other toxins to their supplements..That was back in the 1990's.What is new?

A MEGA pharmaceutical company also cleared the market of small owners of herbs and vitamin companies by BUYING Them and becoming THE controller of producing supplements in the market .It kept the names of the previous old  companies withiout change to deceive the consumer.The name of that Mega CEUTICAL company? You tell me?Get an education abvout what you put in your mouth before you get hurt !Another company a major Tobaco company has now a chain of food companies that it bought after the sale of cigarettes dropped down.Guess what they are doing with the food they produce?The same they were doing with the cigarettes:More additives,presetrvatives and toxins being added under the pretext of preswerving this and that!Get educated about who ptroduces your food?

Now the big Pharmaceutical companies are losing more money to the supplemnts and herbs business.So they are sending their lobbyiests to Washington to attack the Herbs and vitamins companies and drive them out of the market.Get educated about who are the companies that want to send you to the hospitals and feed you junk food and drugs for the buck of it?

Your best bet? Grow your own herbs and organic vegetables.You save on the grocery and hospital bill and God forbid ,you do not end up a life long drug consumer/ addict of the PILL MILL!

Get rid of the pill mill "addiction" and instead get an "education" about what you put in/out of  your mouth.No ignorance or fungus among us.. It is good to know:

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