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Happy Earth Day event...Down to earth at the Lake Worth Resource Center

This was our first  Earth Day event at the Lake Worth Resource Center.It weas packed up!More than fourty people filled in  the lobby ..There were people from different ethnic backgrounds who flocked to attend the workshop on sustainability and the organic urban farmer ,  listen to Chiropractor Dr.Tim Kehrig  presentation and watch the movie:The power of community .We have a high unemployment and forclosure rates in our area especially among minorities and ethnic groups.The LWRC provides the local community with lots of services to help out the unemployed find jobs,attend different kinds of mentoring classes and workshops,obtain Buss passes and other services.It is amazing how much resources we have hidden and untapped.Coming together opens up so many opportunities .Helping one another through community events that take a solutions oriented approach to alleviate the daily struggles of those who have lost a job,a home orhave  health issues but no medical insurance.Dr.Tim has areaching  program that fits all to maintain a vibrant health based on the science of Chiropractic and nutrition.He is a master of Both.He tops that with a compassionate heart and healing hands .He enriched our event  with a  presentation on nutrition and sustainabilty.He talked about the foods that fit and those that do not into into maintaining a healthy body mind and spirit.He brought hand outs in both Spanish and English to reach out for the multicultural  of our community.I invite all farmers to reach out to the community through educational workshops or donating from their harvests to soup kitchens and community pantries that help the underpriviliged.We learned .We prayed and we played together watching a movie on the power of community.This Earth Day make a difference by reaching out to others.Ask yourself:What have I done to others?Words and toasts and songs sure make us jolly..but the PRACTICAL works of our hands and hearts is what really matters especially when we try to touch human lives that are struggling.The road of a thousand mile starts with a mile..and a smile for the road!Thanks to all and especially to the LWRC CEO Mr.Don Wilson for making this event happen!Unity tthrough community.Yes, we can do it !

Happy Earth Day


Alternative Community Farmer

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